My Youngest Makes My Monday

I'm loving Cheryl's Makes My Monday carnival. It's the perfect excuse to post a picture that just makes me happy! Take, for example, this one. I took it this afternoon and it makes me smile every time I look at it. She just looks like the definition of happy.

You see, this week, it's pictures of my youngest that makes my Monday!

Here she is sporting the orange wings and tutu that one of her grandma's recently mailed to her. She borrowed the wand from her big sis.

After posing for the picture, she decided to more closely inspect her new wings.

In addition to discovering the world of dress up, little Jane has also discovered how to pout. The first time she did it was when Daddy told her she couldn't touch something. She crossed her arms and stuck out her lower lip. We laughed. Ever since, the rest of us like to say, "Jane, pout!" We think she looks so cute with her little arms crossed. She thinks it's a funny game. The wings only make the pout cuter.

Little Jane, you make my Monday and many other days for that matter. I love you!

How about you? What makes your Monday? Be sure to head over to Cheryl's for more fun starts to the week.

Happy Monday!

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