It Wasn't a Cavity!

I just pulled pumpkin seeds out of the oven. I think they are a little browner than they should be, but hopefully they are still edible. After all, I did too much work washing pumpkin guts off of the seeds to throw them away now!

That is all very much unrelated to what I sat down to write. Rather, I sat down to write about what happened a little earlier in my evening.

I was sitting on Ann's bedroom floor with Chris. We were getting ready to read a few stories before bedtime. Suddenly, Ann came in the room announcing, "I have a cavity." What?

She'd been complaining on and off of a sore tooth. The girl can be a tad dramatic so I hadn't paid too much attention.

So, tonight, in a non-sympathetic way, I asked her to show me her tooth. Then I poked my finger in her mouth and discovered that MY FIRSTBORN'S TOOTH IS LOOSE!

I won't lie. My stomach actually did a little flip flop when I realized that she is fast approaching the mile stone of loosing her first tooth. Rather than tear up, I put my game face on and told her how exciting it was that she would soon get an adult tooth.

She wasn't buying it. It obviously made her very nervous to think about losing a tooth. As I tried to continue reading stories, she turned and hugged me while saying, "I"m afraid." Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing.

I asked if she'd like to talk to her friend who'd lost a tooth. She did and we did. We also prayed. Finally, I did have to ask her to stop thinking about it. I told her she'd be just fine.

After I got everyone tucked in, I wandered downstairs to finally do the day's dishes. As I did, I reflected on my oldest's tooth. I wondered if I'd be there when it finally came out or if she'd be with daddy or at preschool. Then, I remembered something from my loose-teeth days. I recalled a book my mom read to me, appropriately titled Lizzie and the Tooth Fairy. I stopped doing the dishes and rushed to the computer where I found and bought it at

Shortly thereafter it dawned on me that we're soon going to need a tooth pillow to keep that first lost tooth safe before the tooth fairy is able make a little exchange. Again, I went to the computer and found a cute little polka-dot tooth pillow on Etsy.

Fourteen dollars later I had to chuckle. It was a bit reminiscent of five years ago right before my daughter was born. I was trying to make sure we had everything we needed. Of course we did and even some things we didn't need.

I felt a little bit like that new mom tonight as I purchased the appropriate first loose tooth accessories. I guess I'm learning that every new stage or milestone has the possibility to bring out that wide-eyed feeling of wonder at the wonder of life. It's a special thing even if it does make me a bit tearful with nostalgia.

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