I'm Thankful!

Well, well, well. I sat down at the computer about five minutes ago. Plopped down or slouched down might be more accurate. You see, I was frustrated.

I pulled out my journal and started to get ready for some quiet time reading and praying. I was about to start with a list of things that were on my mind. I probably would of started with how ungrateful the children were even though I planned a picnic inside for them. (I even cut their sandwiches into dinosaurs for crying out loud!) Yet, I never started the list.

Instead, a devotion I had read earlier in the week came to mind. I realized that I was about to complain on paper. The devotion is from a book titled, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. One line on last Friday's devotion reads "It opens the door to deadly sins such as self-pity and rage." The author is referring to what complaining can do.

After looking up the devotion and thinking about Philippians 2:14-15, I decided I'd make a different list. The list looks like this:

Three Healthy Children

A devoted husband

Tony's job

Tony's health

My health



Our warm house

The fall leaves

Childrens books



Cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Chips







Hot Chocolate

Brussel Sprouts


My Dyson Vacuum

Staying home with my kids

The above list is in no particular order. It took me no time at all to think of these things. I could have easily filled another journal page of more little and big blessings.

I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds. The weather is still dreary and cold (and has been all week!). Yet, I do hope I have closed the door on self-pity and anger, if only for the afternoon. Please Lord, let it be so.

A not-so-good picture of three of my favorite blessing having an indoor picnic.

Happy Friday!

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