Another Reason I Love Fall

Perhaps that title was a bit misleading. I don't believe I've ever written about why fall is my favorite season. I do make lists in my head quite a bit and have also read about others' reasons for loving autumn so much, maybe that counts? Back to my reason...

I'm sitting here sipping coffee out of my favorite polka dot travel mug. It is still dark and the house is quiet. Let me repeat that. I'm sitting here in the quiet dark drinking coffee. I just love that the sun doesn't rise so early this time of year!

I'm one of those odd people who both really enjoys the company of others and really enjoys solitude. It makes me seem a bit crazy I suppose. I do know that a quiet start to the day where I can read, pray, blog or do anything I desire with no interruptions, makes me smile!

Why, assuming you do, do you like fall?

Now, I'm off to answer to the sweet call of "Mama." I do believe one of my little ones is ready to start the day.

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