It Isn't a Typo

I just sent an email to a friend and almost signed my name with only one 'z.'

That would have been a typo.

I haven't always used two 'z's at the end of Lizz. However, my Papa (my paternal grandfather) always did.

My first job out of college was as a travel agent. My boss asked me how I'd like my name to appear on my business card (my first), and on a whim, I said "L-i-z-z."

I've endured teasing from my husband ever since. He finally started adding the extra 'z,' but he still sometimes calls me, "Lizzzzzzzzzzzz" just to make a point.

Papa died about two years after I unofficially changed my name. One of the few things I have that remind me of him is a picture labeled with his handwriting. My name with two 'z's is scrawled on that same picture.

I confess, adding the 'z' was sort of silly thing to do at the time I did it. Now, it reminds me of the grandpa I'll always love and remember.

I'd say that is worth enduring a bit of teasing from my husband.

After all, he is probably just jealous that 'Tony" just wouldn't look very good spelled "Tonyy."

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