Better Late Than Never

Happy New Year!

We've just returned from a nearly week-long trip to see family in Iowa. As always, it is was so good to see them. However, it is also a bit strange since Tony's mom doesn't have Internet access at her house. It felt like we were living in a little isolated bubble.

After arriving home last night, I was checking email and found an invitation to a New Year's Eve party. We decided to be spontaneous and go.

So now, I sit surrounded by a house that looks like the entire contents of our minivan threw up on it. But, first things first.

Baby Jane is 11 months old today and I've yet to write her 10-month letter. Then, there are the Christmas pictures that I hope to post soon. So, I do believe this may only be the first the
"Better Late Than Never" series here at Yes, and So Is My Heart.


Happy Ten Months Sweet Jane!


I've put off writing this letter for a month. Sure, we've been busy with Christmas festivities, but the truth is that I can hardly believe you are almost one. Of course, I can't stop time, so I might as well continue to celebrate your milestones with you.

This month, like all the others, has been so much fun. You learned to pull up and even climb a few stairs. You were so proud of yourself when you realized what you could do.

You also enthusiastically wave bye-bye. Your other trick is to move your lips with your finger so that you make a silly sound. It always gets someone laughing.

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving with family in Colorado. Traveling with you was a joy. You sat contentedly in your car seat for the long trek across Kansas. It was such fun introducing you to family and friends in out west.

More than ever, you want to keep up with your brother and sister. You are happiest playing in the midst of them. They enjoy pretending that you are a baby shark that they are "swimming" away from in their pretend ocean. You all have such a good time together. (Most of the time.)

Finally, and perhaps my favorite milestone is that you had your first bow! I left you with a friend while Ann and I went to the dentist. I came back to see your hair pulled up with a little bow. It hadn't even occurred to me to start doing your hair. Now, you are rarely without a bow. I know it is silly to get so excited about a little hair bow, but there isn't much sweeter than a little girl with a pony tail sticking up from the top of her head!

We love you sweet Jane!


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