I Can't Think of a Title, How Could I Write a Post?

A couple of years ago, I realized that my love of coffee had gone a little too far. It sounded good all the time. I drink decaf, so it wasn't the caffeine that was a problem. It was the creamer.

Seriously, have you ever tried International Delight's Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia? Oh my!

I decided I needed to cut back on my coffee consumption before it became a full-blown addiction. So, I went without it for a few weeks. I missed it dearly. Truly, I did. However, once I finally let myself have it again, the obsession was gone. I still have it most mornings and even occasionally in the afternoon, but it no longer feels like a need.

Now, I'm asking myself, do I have a point. I do, I really do.

Blogging was once like my coffee. I wanted to do it all the time. Before I had a blog, I read several blogs. It became a bit like coffee in that I thought I might be becoming a bit too addicted. So, I would occasionally "fast" from reading blogs.

Once I started my own blog, I wanted to dedicate all of my spare time to writing posts. I viewed life through the lens of my blog. My three small children gave me more than enough material to blog as much as I liked.

Soon, I realized that I was becoming obsessed with blogging. (Are you sensing a pattern here? I'm the type of person who gets a bit passionate about new things.) A few times I took blogging break. A week here, a few days there, nothing major.

Then, my sweet Jane started crawling. Blogging couldn't be as frequent because much of my time was and still is dedicated to keeping her alive. Any mom of a older baby or younger child knows that isn't really much of a joke. It is easy to keep a house baby-proof when there are no older siblings. It becomes much more of a challenge when there are other children who don't always have the baby's best interests at heart.

The more adventurous Jane became, the more sporadic my blogging became. At first, it frustrated me, but then it just became what it was and is. I'm the mom of three small children. It is not the norm for me to have quiet time to do what I like when I like.

My blogging was already sporadic when the holiday season arrived. My husband was home for twelve days over the Christmas season. We spent some of it traveling and some of it at home. I spent the time enjoying my family and very little of it blogging. I didn't even blog anything in my head.

So, the holidays have come and gone. I want to be back and blogging and recording the lives of my family, but my mind just isn't there yet. The computer seems to taunt me from it's perch in the family room.

I've not posted pictures from Christmas. I haven't written Jane's 11-month letter. (She'll be 1 in a little over two weeks.) My mom comments that she is having blog withdrawal. It isn't that I have nothing to write. I just can't seem to write it.

I do miss reading blogs. But, did you know that they still make books? Oh, I kid. Sort of.

So, with the computer taunting me in the background, I've been reading to my children and to myself. We've been going new places and meeting new friends. They are growing, always too quickly. They will keep on doing that whether I blog about their milestones or not.

Like coffee, I still like blogging, but I'm no longer addicted to it. I'm now giving myself permission to be here as much or as little as I like. It seems silly, but it is a bit freeing. There is also the strong possibility that in telling myself I don't have to blog, I'll really want to blog. In fact, I hope that happens.

Perhaps one day soon, I'll be sipping coffee as I get back into the swing of this blogging thing. Until then, I have a life to live and I won't be taunted by a silly old computer.

Happy Belated New Year!

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