The Funny Thing About a Blog

A mom blog is a funny thing. It gives one a glimpse into others' lives, but we must remember it is only a glimpse.

A few nights ago, we had a wonderful moment in the van. We were on the way home from some friends' house. They live on quite a bit of land so the area around their house was quite dark. Ann and Chris were going on and on about being scared of the dark.

Once we started driving, they stopped saying that they were scared. (They really weren't anyways.) It was the conversation that followed that made me smile. Ann was telling Chris that there was no reason to be afraid of the dark since God is always with us.

I knew that was a moment that I wanted to document. Yet, since I've been doing a lot of thinking about "being real" I also thought a bit of how posting that little story would paint one picture of our life together. If I only posted about similar moments, it would certainly seem that we have perfect children who gently encourage one another all day.

Before I even had a chance to think more about this, much less post it, I once again found myself listening to my children in the van. Of course, it was impossible not to listen to them as they were screaming.

At one point, Chris began yelling, "Ann is looking at me!" His tone made it perfectly clear that he didn't want her looking at him.

Now, if I only shared those type of stories, the picture of our life together would certainly look different.

The stories are both true, but they are obviously quite different, just like our days. I want the picture I paint of our lives to be real. I want to remember what these days were really like. They aren't always full of giggles and grins.

Perhaps I don't even know the point I'm trying to make. The more I think about something, the harder time I have at expressing myself.

Maybe all I want to say is that our life is so much more than the recordable or blog-worthy moments. In fact, the things that don't seem worthy of remembering and the things we try hard not to remember may be the most important things of all.

It is those "negative" experiences that make hearing your daughter tell your son that God will take care of him all that much sweeter.

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