What is it about...

baby heads? They are simply irresistible to me. I snuggle my girl's all. the. time.

In fact, just moments ago, I buried my face in her hair (what little there is of it) as I wiped prunes from her face.

Baby heads don't even have to be freshly washed for me to be drawn to them. Actually, the baby heads don't even have to belong to my offspring. I'm thinking all the sweet baby heads are the reason I work in the nursery at church.

Finally, what is it about those precious heads that makes already-sweet-smelling baby shampoo smell a thousand times better? I know that baby wash wouldn't smell nearly as wonderful on my head. Now that I think about it, that is probably a good thing. I'd look a little strange walking around while constantly smelling my hair.

I love having baby heads in the house!

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