Mission Accomplished, or Ann Sat on Her Pumpkin

In an effort to excite Ann about our trip to the pumpkin patch, I had begun reading From Seed to Pumpkin. We both enjoyed learning a bit about how a pumpkin grows. However, what captivated Ann more than anything was the illustration of children sitting on top of large pumpkins in the middle of a pumpkin patch.

She became a bit obsessed. Any time I mentioned the pumpkin patch, she mentioned sitting on a pumpkin. I told her that would, of course, be just fine.

At the time, I didn't know we were going to have a hard time navigating road construction which would cause us to be late to the farm. That would then lead us to miss the hayride which was supposed to transport us to the actual pumpkin patch where we were to harvest a pumpkin or two.

By the time we arrived at the farm, our group had already left on the hayride.

Fortunately, by the time Ann and Chris had played for a bit, our friends were back. Then, we all enjoyed seeing baby animals, playing on playground equipment, and getting lost in various mazes.

Before we left, Ann, Chris, and I visited the display of pumpkins for sale. We had been told that we could take a couple to replace the ones we missed picking. Ann was more concerned about plopping her cute little bum down on one. She hadn't forgotten her mission.

It may not have been as quaint and picture-perfect as the book's illustrations portrayed. (Is anything ever like the book?) Still, all was not lost, except of course for me on the way to the farm.

Maybe next time I'll let him drive.

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