The days where we have to be somewhere in the somewhat early morning are always a bit chaotic. Now, part of that is due to me getting anxious about leaving on time, but the rest is simply due to the little things that life with small children is made up of.

Those little things are typically no big deal. However, if a little thing happens involving each child right before we are supposed to leave, it can quickly add up to a big deal. Lost shoes, dirty diapers, and the like can make it a challenge to actually leave the house. I've learned to start getting ready waaaaay before we actually need to leave.

Yet, despite my best intentions and planning, this morning was just one of those mornings. The little things were adding up and my attitude was quickly turning sour.

Still, somehow we managed to get ready and head out to the van.

As usual, I strapped my three children in their three car seats, and that is when I saw this:

Can you see it? It is a spider. More specifically it is a spider who took up residence in my minivan. That same spider had spun a rather large web right above the front passenger seat.

Even the best-packed diaper bag doesn't prepare one for that. So, I headed back into the house and grabbed a fly swatter.

A quit swat later and the little beast was scurrying along our chalk-covered driveway.

As for me, I spent the better part of the morning with the sensation of something crawling on me.

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