Road Warriors

Well, hello sweet blog of mine. Has it really been more than a month!?

A month goes by quickly when it includes lots of summer fun including more than 3,000 miles logged in a minivan with three children ages 5 and under.

Now that we are home from our second and final big road trip of the summer, I'm left pondering some big questions. Mainly, I'm wondering how in the world we fit all of this stuff into a minivan!

Not pictured are various other small bags and of course three children and their parents! (The dog didn't make the cut. He took his own little vacation at the kennel. Poor guy!)

The house is a mess, but the van is now nice and tidy!
The other big question I'm wondering is who these people are that made it into our vacation pictures. They are standing in line getting tickets to ride up the St. Louis Arch. Our camera was in the hands of our five-year-old. Apparently, this seemed worth remembering to her. It makes my husband and I chuckle. (Hmm, I wonder if they mind being remembered on my blog?)

My third and final question I'm thinking about is whether the fact that one of the first things I did upon getting back from a big road trip was take a picture so I could blog, means that I'm back to blogging regularly. I guess time will tell.
In the meantime, I have a husband asking, "Are you seriously going to blog right now?"
If you'll excuse me, I've got some unpacking to ignore while we visit Chick-fil-A and go swimming. Priorities, you know!

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