A Reminder from the Crib

What a day! The day started with a bed wetting incident that I had to clean up. I recall that there was some other crisis but I don't remember exactly what it was!

We progressed on to the older two kids going to Vacation Bible School and Jane and I heading to Walmart to replace the tire that blew out on the way home from church yesterday afternoon. (Thankfully we were all safe and both a friend and a state trooper came to our aid.)

By the time I had finished at Walmart and ran another errand, it was time to pick up Ann and Chris. It took me about two seconds to see that they'd had an amazing time and it was going to be a long afternoon.

Sure enough it was. It was made longer by the fact that Tony is flying home today and won't be home until well after the children are asleep.

So, imagine my surprise when Jane chose tonight of all nights to demonstrate her ability to climb out of her bed and open doors.

Bed time was quite the three ring circus. Yet, in the middle of it all, I was reminded of something--it won't always be this way.

As I hauled Jane's crib mattress out of her bed I became nostalgic. That crib has been a constant in our house for over five and a half years. Yet soon, it will come down and be passed along to someone who needs it.

In the midst of a night full of tears and frustration (mine and theirs) that crib served as a reminder of how fleeting this time is. Yes, there are days like today that are hard, so hard. But, all in all, this is such a sweet, sweet time.

So, as I took another look at that crib and at the sweet face of my youngest sleeping on a mattress on the floor, I sighed.

I headed back into the two rooms of my older children and smiled through gritted teeth as I reminded them I loved them. In other words, I was "faking it until I made it."

Do you know what? Eventually my smile became genuine and I was reminded of how blessed I am.

Not more than five minutes passed until my son disobeyed and came out of his room and downstairs to find me. This time my perspective was right. Though I still had to discipline him, somewhere in my mind I was able to remember that one day I will miss that little curly head coming down the stairs for one more hug or to tell me something "really important."

Thank you, Lord for using a crib to remind me of what's really important. (Not necessarily the things my son says to delay bed time!" I am blessed.


Heidi said...

Thank you for sharing this. So true!

This is Africa--Betsy said...

Lizz! I miss you! How is everything? The kids look great. I can't believe how big they are. I love your writing! We sold our crib before we moved and Charlie is still reminding me about it 2 years later. Tell Tony "hi." Love, Betsy

Julie B said...

I needed this today... great post.

Adventures In Babywearing said...


Hope you're doing well.