Princess Belly Button

Our sweet Jane (2), has become quite fond of princesses. The same Disney princess that I was determined not to let my oldest daughter become obsessed with. (That's another story.) Lately, Jane has been pretending to be a princess and also pretending that I'm a princess.

"You're Sleeping Beauty," she'll say. "I'm Belle,"she'll explain. Then, she'll spend the rest of the day calling me Sleeping Beauty. If I call her by her name, she says, "I'm Belle."

Typically, Jane decides which princess she is by the color of clothing she is wearing. If it's pink she is Sleeping Beauty. If she is wearing a blue shirt, she is Cinderella and so on. Sometimes she is wearing princess pajamas and it makes it quite easy for her to decide who she is at the moment.

A few nights ago, as Jane was getting dressed for bed, I asked her which princess she was that night. She looked down at her bare belly and said, "Belly Button." Too cute. I love conversing with two year olds, especially my sweet two year old girl!


Sarah said...

That is just plain cute!!!

Did you not do the princess thing because that was sort of the popular thing to do at the time? I remember when Caleb was a baby that the Christian peeps were pushing "no Barbies, no princesses, etc"....but I did not pay much attention because I had a boy.

I find it funny because we are the opposite extreme: everything princess here!! Focus on the Family would probably puke...hahaha...I love Focus but if I remember, they were the pioneers behind that movement?!

Jason Sol said...
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allie :^) said...

we're all about princesses down the street too, but mallie has never come up with that one. love the title of this post! :)