It's Going to Happen

I haven't seen my big girl since Tuesday morning. It's Saturday afternoon and I'm anxiously waiting for her to finish the drive home with her great aunt. I've missed her presence tremendously!

The past few days without her have made her starting full-day kindergarten more of a reality. If you'd asked me two months ago how I felt about it, I would tell you how sad it makes me to think of my little girl getting so big. However, over the past few weeks I've caught her excitement.

I just love the back to school season. In fact, I just bought myself a new planner and the thought of filling it up with fun things makes me almost giddy. (Silly and maybe a bit pathetic, I know.) We've also already bought Ann's school bag. She really wanted a tote bag like her friend next door has. I attempted to get her to choose a sensible and quality back pack that would last a few years, but I had no luck. Fortunately, the bag she chose seems well made and was less than ten dollars!

The other day, I stooped and rested my chin on Ann's head. I told her that I thought I wanted to stop her from growing up and she could be a preschooler forever. She laughed and then looked at me very seriously and said, "It's going to happen." Yes, yes it is. Fortunately, she's more than ready and I'm getting there!

For now, we're going to enjoy these last few weeks of summer! Just as soon as my big girl gets home. I can't wait!

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