Praying Before Dinner

Disclaimer: The above picture has nothing to do with the following story. However, I thought the picture of her in her Easter dress and hunting for eggs was too cute not to share!

Tonight, before we all dug into our spaghetti, I asked who would like to pray. Jane said, "I do!"

Before she even started to speak, Ann leaned over and said, "Say thank you for Ann." She did as Ann asked.

Not to be outdone, Chris leaned over and said, "Say thank you for Chris." Once more Jane complied.

Then, since no one was giving her any more ideas, she said, "Thank you for Jane's water. Thank you for Ann's water." On and on it went until she was encouraged by us to also say thank you for her food.

So sweet! I need to get a video of her in all her cuteness!

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