The Little Kids

In our family, we refer to Chris (3) and Jane (17 months) as the "little kids." The "big kids" are Ann (4) and Chris (still 3). Lucky Chris gets to be a part of both groups. Needless to say, he prefers it when any reference to him is prefaced by "big" and not "little" or even worse "baby."

This weekend, I've had the little kids all to myself. Tony and Ann took off on Friday morning for a wedding in Kentucky. (More on that later, but I should take a moment to say that my kids have the best daddy. He chose to take a 500-mile-one-way road trip with Ann. He looked forward to it just as much as she did maybe more.)

I'll admit, I was dreading this weekend just a bit. I knew I wouldn't get my somewhat regular Saturday-morning break. Also, since it is the weekend, I knew most of my friends would be having family time and any play dates would be unlikely.

It turns out my dread was unfounded as we've had a wonderful weekend. In fact, I'm coming away from this weekend loving and liking my little kids more than ever.

We filled Friday with a trip to the children's museum, lunch out with friends and a trip to the zoo to meet Spider-man and see the lions. We also ran an errand.

On Saturday, we went to the gym, a birthday party, Chick-fil-A and even ran by Walgreens to snag a few deals to satisfy my little coupon addiction.

Today, we started the day both early and slowly. I attempted to snuggle with both kids in my bed. However, after only a few minutes I was having to cover my face as Jane began diving all over the bed while laughing. She doesn't have much regard for safety or personal space, you know?

Now, I sit at the computer while Chris finishes up a much-needed nap. Jane is happily destroying anything she can get in her hands. I'm having a bit of coffee because though it was a good weekend, it was also a bit tiring. I'm not sure how those with husbands who regularly travel get enough sleep at night. I have the hardest time sleeping without Tony at home. I'm so glad his business travel isn't frequent.

As I finish my not-so-good coffee, I want to be sure I document a couple of more things.

That little man of mine showed a different side this weekend. He actually slowed down to show that he is actually quite full of compassion.

The first thing he did was while we were at the zoo waiting for the tram to pick us up. I accidentally dropped a sippy cup on their great aunt's toe. Chris saw what happened and immediately stopped what he was doing and gave Aunt J a hug.

The sweetest part of it was that I could tell it was his first response. He wasn't trying to get anything and he wasn't particularly tired. (Both reasons he usually gets cuddly.) It may sound silly, but I think that may have been the most proud I've been of him yet.

The other thing my little man did that melted my heart was in the care he showed toward his little sister. After lunch today, Jane was screaming in her high chair. She wanted out! Chris walked over to help her. As he assisted her, he talked to her in the sweetest voice. He assured her that he was helping her and it wouldn't be that much longer. In that short minute or two, I could almost picture him grown-up. I liked what I saw!

Getting to know my kids as individuals is one of my favorite parts of being a parent. Weekends like these make getting to know them just a bit easier. I'm so happy to have a big, a big/little and a little kids to get to know!

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