The Kind of Friends I Have

It shouldn't surprise me. I really shouldn't be caught off guard by the kindness of my friends, but sometimes...

Sweet Avery went to be with Jesus on Tuesday night. Tony and I knew we would be there with our friends to celebrate her too-short life. We just weren't sure how we were going to manage that. A seven-hour trip is a bit much for three children four and under especially if the destination is a service where they would need to be on their best behavior.

We don't have grandparents in town so there weren't many family members to call on to help watch the children. However, I knew I could call upon my friends and I knew they would say yes, but they did more than that.

I called two dear friends and each of them, practically before I could finish asking the question said yes. Yes, they would watch one of my children for a couple of days while we went to be with our friends who are grieving. There was no sign of hesitation in their voices.

I'm not sure if my friends had plans for the weekend that they'll have to cancel. They might, but I know they would never tell me. They wouldn't want to me feel badly about imposing on them.

As I hung up the phone with each of them, I was almost in tears (as I am now just thinking about it).

Now, as if that wasn't enough, two other amazing friends have offered to let us stay with them in their homes while we're traveling. Friends like mine are such an amazing blessing and a testimony of God's love. I hope they know that I don't ever take them for granted.

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