Expensive Crackers Save the Day

I'm a tad addicted to cappuccinos from gas stations. Just ask my husband. I ask him to stop and get one before we are five minutes into a road trip. It drives him crazy.

However, I don't usually buy anything else from the gas station. I always wonder to myself who in the world would pay such crazy prices for grocery items. Two dollars for one sleeve of Ritz crackers?! Seriously?

Well, now I have my answer.

A mom who gets to take her three little ones with her to the eye doctor will gladly stop by the gas station for resources. She will happily pay over three dollars for a few crackers, two lollipops, and a coffee.

You just can't put a price on children who sit quietly.

There is a time and a place for bargain shopping. Realizing you have no "hush food" before a doctor appointment is NOT one of them.

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