Advice to a "Friend"

Suppose I had a friend call me while she was close to tears.

She might share something like how she is a bit overwhelmed. The two-year-old still rarely sleeps through the night. The baby fights naps. The four-year-old has an attitude. Her husband's job is stressful right now. The list could go on and on.

Then, before she finished, she would add that she knows that not one of those things is a "major" problem. She knows she is incredibly blessed, but she is just so tired of it all.

What would I say to her?

Perhaps, I'd suggest she grab some coffee, Coke, water, or whatever. Then, I'd recommend she find a quiet moment even if it means locking the bathroom door and turning on the exhaust fan. I suggest she read the Bible even if it was just a verse.

After a moment of prayer and meditating on what she'd read, I'd suggest that a piece of chocolate surely couldn't hurt.

I'd reassure that it would be possible to feel better even though her circumstances might not change.

She might then ask what she should do about all of the tasks she feels she needs to accomplish. There is the laundry, yesterday's dishes, and toys everywhere.

I'd remind her that having three little ones isn't easy. No matter how hard you work, the mess will still be there for you. It is just part of the job, like it or not. I know that would be tough to hear, but I hope it would also be a bit liberating.

I would tell her that it certainly didn't mean she had to give up trying to make their home livable. It just means that sometimes standards have to relax.

I'd suggest she steal quiet moments to pray as often as possible throughout the day. Long nap times are great, but they are rare. You have to work with what you've got.

Then, after saying good-bye, I'd try to take my own advice. After all, I could have made the same call.

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