Thank You!

Thanks for your great ideas for traveling with small children. I'm also thankful to those who I know must have been praying for us.

I especially want to thank my kind cousin who sent me a great link. These ideas, while not novel, are very useful. I'd used clipboards in the car before, but I'd never thought to use cookie sheets. It worked like a charm.

Those same tips also reminded me that a road trip doesn't have to be neat and tidy. I cut up small pieces of paper and brought along glue sticks. My son enjoyed gluing the small scraps of paper into a notebook.

Messy? Yes.

Worth it? Definitely.

Now, I have one tip of my own to share. Normally I stick to this rule, but yesterday, I deviated from it.

The rule is to stick to the child's normal diet as closely as possible. Otherwise you may end up spending the first few hours at grandma's house wiping little bums. We'll leave it at that!

Though I'm sure this little visit out west will give me plenty of stories to share, I'm going to wait to do that until after we've officially celebrated Thanksgiving.

Until then, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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