Adding to Mimi's Photo Album

Earlier today I received an email from my mom. In it, she referred to herself in the third person and wrote, "Mimi is waiting very patiently for pictures of Halloween."

Oh, really?

Thanks for your patience, Mimi. Here you go.

This is our fairy princess. Ann's costume was quite basic. However, it made her happy and that is all that mattered. We managed to talk her into wearing the headband for a quick picture, but that was it. That is probably just as well since I don't think fairy princesses usually have antennae.

In case you missed it, here is a closer shot of her choice of footwear. She bypassed her dress-up princess shoes and actual dress-up shoes in order to wear these. Do we have a budding fashionista on our hands?

Our little guy decided to be a fireman instead of a frog. The picture doesn't show how the coat reached down to his ankles. If you ask this mama, it only added to the charm.

As I looked at the above photo, I realized we must have had a theme going with mismatched head wear. He quickly ditched his hat as well.

Now, I never tire of looking and Jane in her little pumpkin suit. All three of our babies have worn this. I do believe I will have a hard time parting with in. Perhaps I could talk my children into having their children wear it?

Here is the family shot. Please note that 4 out of 5 of us are LOOKING IN THE SAME DIRECTION! If I had known this would happen, we would have all been wearing coordinating outfits and I would have have my Christmas card ready to go. Oh well.

Now, I saved the best for last. This is what I saw as I peered into Ann's bag of candy. Can you guess what I took for myself?

I'll give you a hint by telling you that the 3Musketeers is a full-size candy bar.
Strange, I'm suddenly craving a little chocolate.

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