He Screamed for Five Months!

Who screamed?

My son. My darling son.

He screamed each and every time we were in the car until he was 5 months old. As he got older, he would grant us brief periods of quiet. However, car travel longer than 20 minutes was still not fun.

He was two months old the first time we took a long road trip. He screamed for 9 of the 10 hours we were in the car. I promise I'm not exaggerating.

Now, at 2 and a half, he is still a challenge in the car.

This is where I need your help. We have a trip coming up. This trip is one that takes 9 1/2 hours without children. Care to guess how long it will take us with the children? I have no idea. I'm praying for not much longer than 10 1/2 hours.

So, could you please help a girl out? What has worked for you with your travel with little ones? Oh, I guess I should mention that we do have a DVD player in the minivan. I'll also add that my son has no interest whatsoever in television. Usually, I appreciate this, except of course when we have long car rides.

Any suggestions? Please, pretty please.

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