Happy Nine Months!


You are nine months! I can hardly believe it. There is something about nine months. Perhaps it is because it seems to mark the beginning of being an older baby and soon a toddler.

This picture makes me smile. It really describes you, as you are both laid back and adventurous. That is such a delightful combination. Even with most of your eyes covered, you smiled as you attempted to climb a few stairs.

Sweet girl, you have been a wonderful addition to our family. You happily go wherever we need to go. It doesn't matter where we're going, you simply have a good time. You freely offer smiles to anyone willing to make eye contact with you. However, you reserve the biggest smiles for your family. We love that!

You are trying hard to keep up with your brother and sister. They are so sweet to you. (Most of the time.) Your brother even requests that you play in his room with him. He also never lets me drop him off at Mother's Day Out without first letting him give you a kiss.

There are times when I wish you would stay this age forever. I don't think I would ever tire of your cuddles and you almost toothless grin. Yet, I'm so grateful that you are healthy and growing stronger with each day.

I love you little one. May this next month be even better than the last! (And may I suggest that a key to making this a stellar month would be sleeping through the night. Just a thought. Sleep is fun, fun, fun!)

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