Where Does He Get That Sense of Humor?

Moments ago, I heard something go thud in the laundry room.

I asked my son, "What are you doing?"

He said, "Nothing." I started to panic as I quickly walked to the laundry room.

A response of "nothing" is almost as dangerous as children being quiet.

It turned out he was getting down our hand held vacuum from the upper shelf. He wanted to vacuum the stairs. (He loves to do that and I love that he does it!)

Since the laundry room is also where I keep cleaners, I double checked to make sure he hadn't played with or tasted anything. Everything looked the way I'd left it, but you never know.

He assured me that he hadn't touched the cleaners. Just for good measure, I reminded him that they're poisonous. As soon as I did that, his eyes got big and he leaned over and pretended to spit stuff out of his mouth.

He had me for a moment. Then, I realized he was joking. He smiled at me and told me he knows that stuff isn't food.

I couldn't help but laugh. His timing was good and the way he did it was amazing. His sense of humor is something.

Let's all pray for his kindergarten teacher!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a little Tony to me!

allie :^) said...

i like that boy. :)