No Seriously, Say NO to Rugs!

Kids are truly too funny. My son is no exception. Actually, he's probably funnier than most, but that isn't the point.

My son is hands down the biggest trouble maker in our house. I can easily type that knowing he may one day read it, because it's absolutely true! Ironically, he is also the most concerned with rules and laws imposed by other people. (Those enforced by us seem to be mere suggestions to him!) That explains the following glimpses into our lives...

We were riding in our van with Tony's mom. She happened to be sitting in the back with Chris. He noticed that she didn't have her seat belt on and he said, in a very grown up voice, "You have to put your seat belt on or the police man will get you." It was both funny and precious at the same time. His true concern for his grandma was so evident.

On the same trip to visit Tony's mom, we were gathering supplies to head out and watch an airshow. His mom was packing a blanket and a couple of throw rugs for us to sit on in the grass. Chris told her, "No, those rugs are bad. Elvis at our church overdosed on those!" Apparently, it still hadn't quite sunk in that there are are rugs and then there are drugs. He also doesn't seem to understand that Elvis never went to our church.

Oh, the laughs those little ones provide!

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