My Sweet Ann

Sweet Ann,

This morning, I dropped you off at soccer camp. As you got out of the van, you mentioned that your stomach hurt. I knew you were just nervous and I refused to let you skip out on the first day of soccer camp.

You joined in the crowd without a problem, though you weren't too excited about the heat. I couldn't blame you. It was hot!

After I rejoined your sister and brother in the car, I watched you for a bit. At first you ran and then you started walking. Like I mentioned, it was already hot! Soon, your brother and sister began asking to leave. I obliged and slowly, very slowly, drove away as I watched you getting a sip of water.

Now, I have a confession. Even though Chris and Jane were really ready to leave, I circled the parking lot one more time. I just had to know you were okay! You see, I've never dropped a child off at soccer camp before. So, silly as it may seem, it was kinda tough for this mama to wrap her head around your independence!

As I finally pulled away, I prayed for God's protection over you. Then, I took a deep breath and looked forward to picking you up two hours later.

It was no surprise to find out after those two hours, that you had a great time! You're most looking forward to the end of the week when you get to bring water guns!

Ann, you've been a delight for me this summer. I love that you attempt conversations with me. Just today you were sitting at the table working on a craft and you started asking me questions. I can't remember exactly what the question was, but you wanted to know my favorite of some item. You do this quite often now, mimicking the conversations I've always started with you.

You've also brought to my attention this summer that you crave my undivided attention! As the oldest, I think you get tired of seeing your younger siblings getting praise for things you've done for quite a long time. I try to remind you that we once praised you for the same new achievements. I've also tried to give you extra hugs and kisses this summer and remind you how much I appreciate your helpfulness.

Legos have been your toy of choice this summer. You love your big pink tub of Legos that Uncle G gave you for Christmas. You spend a couple hours most days putting together different houses complete with accessories. I would have never guessed that you would have developed such an interest in Legos. That you have, reminds me to never let my assumptions dictate what you do!

Of course, you don't play Legos when you're at the pool. At the pool, you're a little fish! You've learned to go off the diving board this year as well as how to dive for dive sticks in the over four feet area. You're doing such a great job and you love it! You've run into friends at the pool and that's always fun for you.

Ann, in three more weeks you will start first grade. You're going to have such a wonderful time and I know you'll do great! I also know I'm really going to miss you. You're becoming such a wonderful little girl and I love you to pieces!

God Bless You, Sweet Girl.

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