The Things They Say

As I sit here, all three children are napping. A load of laundry needs to be switched and the kitchen floor is nearly ready to be mopped. So, I figure what better time to sit and write! It sure beats the cleaning alternative.

My little man is upstairs sleeping in a Spider-Man costume. Before he went to bed, I urged him to use the restroom. He told me very seriously that Peter Parker doesn't go potty. I assured him that he most certainly does. "But I didn't see it," my son insisted.

Ah, I realized he was talking about the short clips we've let him watch of the Spider-Man movie. Too funny! I love how literally they take things. It also reminds me how careful we need to be with what our little ones watch!

And while I'm on funny things that my little guy says...

Shortly after Christmas and getting this wonderful super hero cape from Klutz, he informed me that he wished he'd gotten a cape with a button so he could fly. I told him I understood because, hey, who wouldn't want to fly!?

Finally, he was recently wearing his cape over his super hero pajamas. I was in the room with him and he looked at me before darting out of the room. As he left he said, "I'm a super duper hero!" I have never in my life said "super duper," so I'm not sure where he got that one.

Having my super duper little boy in my life is a very fine thing. The house might be less crazy without him, but life would be so much duller and less colorful. Loving my little man is a fine thing indeed.

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Happy Friday!

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