Sister Smooch

I just got motivated to actually download pictures from my camera onto my computer. Now, if they would only jump off my computer into scrapbooks, I'd be all set. (Did I mention my youngest turns two next week and I don't even own a scrapbook in which to put her cute little pictures?)

Anyways, I was excited to see so many pictures that I love! I may break my no scrapbooking run soon by beginning one of this year.

This one will certainly make the cut. Two sweet sisters hugging! (Notice the Target dollar spot matching hair bands! Oh, and the wings on my youngest. She is starting of have a thing for accessories!) One of the things that is making my baby turn two bearable is to see her begin to really interact playing with her sister and brother. I love it!

This picture makes my Monday! For more fun pictures, stop by Cheryl's at Twinfatuation!

Happy Monday!

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