That Little Man of Mine

I've tried starting this post a half dozen different ways. Each time I start, I worry that what I'll write will disrespect my son.

You see, he has been a bit of a challenge lately. Yet, even in the midst of our toughest days, there are sweet, sweet moments.

I can get so caught up in the training of my children that I forget to enjoy the journey.

Right now, something that I don't want to forget is the way my little guy says goodbye to me.

Anytime I drop him off somewhere he says, in that deep little voice of his, "Mom, I give you a kiss." Sometimes he forgets and begins to play with a friend, but then he'll catch himself and turn around and run to me and give me that kiss.

It is a powerful kiss. It has the ability to erase a morning or even a day full of whining and tantrums. It reminds me that this mommy job is well worth the sweat and tears.

I know there will likely come a day where he won't kiss me goodbye every time he leaves me. Until then, I savor each of his kisses, even the "elephant" ones.

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