A Popsicle in the Potty!?

In a rather lazy parenting moment, I told the kids (a.k.a. bribed) that they could each have a popsicle as soon as they came in the house for their baths. They quickly said goodbye to the neighbors and came running.

I doled out the freezer pops. As soon as I opened Chris', he walked to the bathroom and informed me he really had to go. Nice. Even though it grossed me out, I let him take the popsicle with him. I wasn't that interested in holding it or in setting on the counter while it melted as he, um, used the toilet.

I should have let it melt.

Not long after he entered the bathroom, I heard him yell that his popsicle was in the potty. I was on the phone with my mother-in-law, so I somewhat slowly made my way to help him.

Imagine my thoughts as I opened the door and saw him EATING a green popsicle. Yeah.

I shrieked and then yelled for Tony to please come help me because I thought I might be sick.

Now, imagine my relief when I learned that that green popsicle was not the same one that fell in the potty with his "stinky."

Whew! Close call.

You never know what might happen around here.

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