How We Celebrated the Holiday that Isn't About the Candy

Wow, it has been more than two weeks since I last wrote a post. Where does the time go?

We had a fantastic Easter traveling to see family in Iowa. We did the egg thing, the basket thing, the eating thing, and all the other fun things that have become Easter traditions. However, the best thing was the fact that this year Ann is starting to grasp why we celebrate Easter. She has proved this by playing a little game with me.

"Mom," she begins. "Do you know the point of Easter?"

"The candy," I tease.

"No, you're kidding," she says. "It's because Jesus AROSE!" she says while jumping up and throwing her arms in the air.

Yes indeed, my sweet one, yes indeed.

Coming in a very distant second best thing about this Easter was dressing my kids up in their coordinating outfits courtesy of one of the grandmas.

Here is our little photo shoot. Little Jane made it quite an adventure. To say she was ready for a nap is an understatement.
Here are the rather compliant "big" kids.

We plopped Jane down hoping for a good shot of the three of them.

At least they are all still on the couch, right?

The week before Easter, Tony dressed up as the Easter Bunny for an event hosted by the company where he works. Fortunately, our kids didn't let the other kids in the secret.

Happy Belated Easter! It's certainly one holiday that can never be celebrated enough!

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