Don't Cry Over Your Spilt Newman's Own Salad Dressing

Making a salad takes effort. It just seems a lot easier to skip the raw veggies, you know?

However, since I'm a big believer in good nutrition, I dutifully wash and chop up veggies for salads and snacks.

Do you know what is very, very frustrating after spending time making a lovely salad? (The same amount of time that it would have taken to make a dozen sandwiches.) Let me tell you.

It is very, very frustrating to take out the bottle of salad dressing, twist off the lid and then pour only to realize that you forgot that the bottle doesn't have that little cap thing with the small hole allowing for a slow flow. (I'm just sure that is the technical name.)

Just ask my two-year-old son. This is what his dinner plate looked like after his very sweet mama let him pour his own dressing. Oops.

Now, Newman's Own people, I realize you probably aren't reading this even though I put your name in the title. Here's the thing. We are very loyal to your products. In fact, I buy your salad dressings almost exclusively. You would think I would remember that you don't make your lids for busy mamas like me, but I don't. Therefore, all too often a perfectly good salad is ruined because of the poor design of these salad dressing bottles. (Some might call it user error, but whatever.)

Would it really be too tough to throw a mom a bone, especially one who is dutifully trying to feed her kids in a healthful way? Truly, we don't need any more reasons for toddler tantrums around here.

That is all.

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