Do They Stay or Do They Go? (A Couch Makeover)

There is a scene in the movie Along Came Polly where Ben Stiller's character begins to take a knife to all of the throw pillows on his bed. My husband and I frequently joke about that scene.

You see, I wouldn't mind a bed adorned with decorative pillows. My husband is an engineer. His motto is "function over form." Need I say more?

He is very gracious to let me have my way with most of the house, but I do believe too many pillows on the bed would be crossing the line. Enter the couch.
For the last two years, it has been sporting some plain old cream pillows that I got for under 10 dollars total. They have served their purpose, but they are blah. (They are also filthy.) See for yourself.

So, today as I meandered my way through Walmart, I found myself in one of the home decor aisles. Okay, I walked there on purpose, but whatever. My couch now looks much better, don't you think?

Isn't it amazing what a simple thing like pillows can do for making a room cozier?
Did you notice the tags are still on the pillows? That is because I'm having a hard time justifying buying new pillows. I wouldn't exactly classify them as a need. Not to mention that it is the season of giving, and I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean giving to oneself.
Besides that, my husband is still an engineer.

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