Six Years!

Our little man's birthday happened in the midst of the end-of-school craziness.  He had a camping themed party, not an actual camp out.  We just weren't quite brave enough to have several six-year-old boys over for an overnight.  Maybe one day.

Perhaps because of how busy the end of the school year can be, I didn't take much time to think about the past six years.  In fact, it didn't really hit me how much he has grown until I sat down to upload pictures to our laptop.  I almost gasped when I looked at the picture I took of him on the morning of his birthday.

It took me a second to register that he was indeed holding up six fingers.  It has been a full six years.  He has most certainly kept us on our toes.  I've said so many times that you can never underestimate Chris.  It's true, you really can't.  Just when I think I have him figured out, he surprises me.  He's all boy, yet he has the most tender heart.  He has a soft spot for younger children, well that is if you don't include his younger sister.  He also asks the most interesting questions.  He's determined to figure out how things work.  It's a good thing Tony is an engineer and is so often happy to explain how things work.

Of course, if you combine a tender heart with an inquisitive mind, you get someone who is all too often willing to ask why about everything, especially rules that to him seem arbitrary.  My prayer for him continues to be based upon Luke 2:52, "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." 

I began to pray that verse for Chris before he'd even celebrated his first birthday.  At the time, I thought my choice was rather typical. and yet I knew it was what I was supposed to pray for him.  As he has grown, I've begun to have no doubt that it was God who led me to pray that verse for him.  Tonight, I'm doing just that.  I'm also thanking God that I get to be the mom to such an amazing boy. 

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