My Comeback Post (Maybe)

As I sat in Bible Study today, a woman I respect very much talked about how beneficial it is to her to journal her prayers. We all sat around either nodding in agreement because we also found it beneficial or thinking that we should really give it a try. Then she commented that she recently sat down to write in her prayer journal and noticed her last entry was from 2004. We all had a great laugh at that. You can also bet that we greatly appreciated her honestly and could very well relate to it!

That's how I feel as I sit down to write. For the past month or so, I've wanted to get back at this old blog of mine, yet I talk myself out of it. After all, I've had more than one post saying I want to get back at writing more often and then I didn't follow through. Then there's the fact that when one hasn't blogged in months, it's seems necessary to start back with a bang. I know they're ridiculous, these thoughts that run around in my brain.

So, rather than do some catch-up-with-my-life post containing cute pictures of my kids, I'm just going to write a blog as though I'd been writing most days. (Don't worry, Mom, I'll post pictures soon!) And a side note, have you ever noticed how grandparents simply can't get enough pictures!? Between facebook, texts and emails, my mom gets her fair share, but yet she and others who shall remain nameless are always begging for more! Okay, I act like I'm complaining, but really I love that they want to see my kids so often. What mom doesn't like that?!

Would you look at that, I'm rambling just like I used to when I was a faithful blogger. Awesome.

Okay, so if I was a faithful blogger, my attempt at a humorous post would be something like this....

I'm having a hard time typing this thanks to the bandage on my finger. I've sliced myself not once, but twice this week. How? Let's just say that some store-brand aluminum foil is now dead to me. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes that place with a red target fails me like it did today and the other day I cut my finger. Sure, I'll continue to risk my life until the roll is finished, but then we're done.

Yeah, that was much funnier in my head. Sigh. Maybe I'm a bit rustier at blogging than I thought. I'll just redeem myself with a picture!

Just look how big they are! I know I'll one day look back at my 7, 5, and 4 year-old and think just how small they were, but for now, they seem so big! I've thought often about how I should rename this blog. I mean my hands do seem a bit less full than they were four years ago. Then I look at pictures like this one and I think the name still fits.

Don't you?

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Missy @ finding bright spots said...

I don't know if you remember or not, but about four years ago I started blogging & somehow we came across each other's blogs, both moms with 3 littles. I haven't been blogging much myself these days, or even reading many blogs, as life is just really busy (I now have five littles...we adopted two more in 2010.) I still to this day use your response to the lovely comment, "You sure have your hands full!" with "Yes, but my heart is full, too." Thanks for the wonderful answer to the super annoying comment!

God put you on my heart today, and I had to come look to see if you're still blogging. You're kids are adorable & so big! I need to start blogging again, too, just to have a record of life. I know there will come a day when these days just seem like blurs, but I really do long to remember the beauty & the mess of them! So just know that while He put you on my heart, I prayed for you today. :)