Focus on Me!

This summer, we've been going to the pool A LOT! This is the first summer that I've felt comfortable taking my three children to the pool by myself so I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

Right now, our favorite thing to do is to play in the "deep end." I can still touch, but none of my children can touch. The younger two like to shed their life jackets and jump in to me, while my oldest likes to show off her ever-improving swimming skills. The time flies by as we're all having such a good time.

Typically, my three children are lined up on the side of the pool waiting for their turn to jump in to me. The other day, Chris was trying to get my attention while I was still helping Jane in the pool. After a few attempts at calling mom. He said, "Lizz, Elizabeth, Focus on me!" He so perfectly imitated me that I couldn't help but laugh. He was also so sincere and not meaning to be disrespectful that I couldn't help but honor his request.

I focused on him. As if I would do anything else when my children are playing near water. They are too funny!

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