One Proud Mama

This is Ann dressed up for Hollywood Day at her school.
Early this evening, Tony and I headed over to Ann's school for our first parent-teacher conference. We both enjoyed learning more about what is in store this year for our favorite kindergartner.

Her teacher had so many great things to say about her progress. We were so very proud of her! In fact, the only thing she really needs to work on is not being such a perfectionist. (Noooo idea where she gets that. Ahem.)

Ann also recently wrapped up an excellent first soccer season. She had so much fun. Well, except for the getting kicked part. I can't say I blame her. A pack of four and five-year-old girls running around a field can be a bit scary. Some of them are rather high kickers. I wouldn't want to be kicked in the stomach, so I couldn't blame Ann for being a bit shy of the pack. I'm guessing in a year or two, that will wear off and she'll be right there in the midst of the action. She still loved soccer and we enjoyed watching the games.

In addition to soccer, Ann has been taking dance lessons. I love to see her twirl and leap around the house. I makes me smile. Her dance moves have also taken on a bit of an edge that makes me chuckle. I have to be careful not to laugh at her though, because I don't want to discourage her from her fun. Of course, sometimes, I join in with her. Fortunately she's still too young to realize that I'm a bit uncoordinated.

Now that I'm writing this all out, I realize Ann is a busy little girl. She's been doing Daisy Scouts and loving every minute. Most recently, they had a police officer come and explain safety tips to the girls. Ann soaked it all up. I'm just waiting for her to remind me to look both ways and not to talk to strangers!

This year is the first year we've participated in church on Wednesday nights. I'm teaching the first graders while Ann gets to attend the Kindergarten class. Sometimes the younger two go to the preschool class. They all love it. I'm so grateful for a church that we all like so much. We are blessed!

Tonight, while looking for some photos for Tony, I came across some old pictures of Ann. For a moment, my heart hurt a bit knowing that I'll never see her sweet baby face or her three-year-old self smiling at me. However, as I came upstairs and watched her with her brother and sister, I realized that I wouldn't' have her any other way. I'm so proud of the person she is becoming and I thank God for the honor of being her mama.

Ann, your daddy and I are so very proud of you. Keep up the good work and never forget who loves you most! Know He'll always be there for you while your daddy and I will do our best. We love you!


allie :^) said...

cool post kiddo. how did we miss hollywood day? guess we missed the memo! :O

izzy said...

Awww...what a touching sweet... Your girl is so adorable, she can pose so well :D