What does Usted rhyme with?

According to my kindergartner, it rhymes with "you're dead."

A lesser known fact about me is that I was a Spanish minor in college. I figure that almost guarantees that my Spanish will be a bit better than my kiddos' Spanish, at least through their elementary years. (I hope!)

So, when Ann came home this afternoon sharing what she'd learned in Spanish class, I was happy to help her remember what the words meant.

"Hola Maestra," she said.

"Hello, Teacher," I translated. Ann then told me her teacher says, "Hola clase." (Pretty sure you don't need a translation on that one.)

The part that made me chuckle was when she kept repeating, "Usted, usted, usted."

I told her that is the formal usage of "you." She looked at me like I was crazy. I assured her that it was indeed what it meant. Tony backed me up.

Very seriously, she looked at me and said that it meant, "You're dead." I had to suppress a laugh! Apparently she's caught on that several words sound similar in Spanish and in English. Therefore, she is acting as her own translator.

Which I suppose should have me wondering why she'd want to be running around saying, "You're dead!"

Hmmm, those kiddos of mine sure keep me laughing and thinking!


Heidi said...

What other facts about yourself are you hiding from all of us?

allie :^) said...

one more hidden lizz fact that is revealed thru the world of blogging! :)