Let's Pretend It's October!

Why October? Well, because my computer was sick for most of the month of October. Maybe it was the cyber-version of the piggy flu. Who knows. The important thing is our kind friend fixed it and I have a computer once more!!! Woohoo!

However, if I'd had a working computer back in October, I would have posted some of these pumpkin painting pictures.

Why use a paint brush when you have hands?!!
I'm pretty sure Chris was the one who decided to ditch the paint brushes.
Little Jane had a lot of fun. Some of the paint actually made it onto the pumpkin. I promise!
Now, I could have taken a picture of the finished product, but I'm sure you can imagine what they looked like. The color on their hands was smeared all over the pumpkins. I proudly plopped them on the mantle. We all know the finished product wasn't the point. Good thing too since they looked much better unpainted!
Happy Pretend October!

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